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If you have purchased a flight voucher then use this link to book your flight.If you do not have a voucher but would like to book a flying lesson please complete the online booking link for a Direct Flight Booking.

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We offer several flight training courses from the Light Aircraft Pilot Licence LAPL, the Private Pilot Licence  PPL through to advanced ratings for existing licences , renewals and validations. We operate to EASA rules and regulations. Our flight service providers are CAA Authorised as an ATO.

Our unique product - The Flying Lesson Gift Set is a box set containing everything you need to experience the thrill of flying a light aircraft. This is the ideal gift for the person who lives life to the full. The flight voucher comes with many other items. Just £129.00 OFFER

Learning to Fly in the UK

The Avi8tors Flying Lesson Box Set

Flight Training in The UK

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We would like to welcome all aviation enthusiasts to join us at Aviators Flying Club. Our mission is to promote the fun side of flying and we hope to introduce the joy of flight to many new aviators in the near future.

You may be an excited recipient of a flying lesson gift set or perhaps an enthusiast who has finally made that decision to come and fly an aeroplane. At Avi8tors you will meet Student Pilots, Private Pilots and Commercial Pilots as well as Engineers and Ground staff who all have one thing in common. We love flying!!

Our flight training programs cater for all aspects of General Aviation so feel free to check them out and we hope to see you at the Training Centre very soon.

Wales’ Premier Flight Training Centre for all your General Aviation needs

Avi8tors Flying Club - Cardiff Aero Academy

Watch the trailer to our Movie ‘My First Flying Lesson’ , Follow Graham who received a surprise flying lesson gift set. He is given a full briefing on the operation of a light aircraft before being offered the opportunity to take full control of the aeroplane in flight over Cardiff City.

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G-BAYO and G-BSSB our Cessna 150 Training Aircraft

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Flying Lesson Gift Set

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